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B-boy Original, Since Way Back then


Welcome to the B-boy Original® brand. The moment of truth is quickening to recognize real Love and divine purpose. The imagination forms reality in the nonlocal mind of unbound consciousness It's how we changed the movie. Our ink travels into multiple timeline's that's arbitrary towards our design, where we go we co-create to get there. There for we can edit the movie script of twenty Jubilees (1000 Years) of ancient life cycles. This realm we're in is governed by ink on paper. In the Last days what will happen, will happen by ungrateful paper from old systems, so that the innocence get's programed in a false reality. In our realm we are awake, because imagination is reality to make it real for humanity.


This free energy, information, skill sets, and life force are part of mother nature's natural design. This vision we create is from a genius mind of a young B-boys intelligent and active movement. Flowing like water, inner woven to create a fabric of our inner self, it crystalized a symbol co-created as our logo called the Air-Flare. The Air-Flare is the higher self, self realization resonating with Hip Hoppas cypher connectivity as a positive force from Hyperspace.  Hyperspace Collection Spring / Summer is a revamped line capturing the moment.

 The vibes we create are through graphic images that centers our attention towards intention to transform the mediums. Our fine art enters a space into and out of the nonlocal mind that transmits a message cohesive to our art-form called Breaking, "Not Breakdance" fined tuned by mainstream, the B-boy gets down from the streets with electric and magnetic forces.

 It's our pleasure to recreate with you and share our stance on fashion Breaks for the world of dance. "Life is Movement", and the message in human awareness is a selfless act of kindness in expression of  passion that strengthens our human experience. To know what's real we have to let go of this artificial reality to touch our hearts back to reality. Our Original language in human communication was always expressed by the arts, dances, praise breaks, and symbolism, that captures our conscious, unconscious, and subconscious towards a balance. In part we are all co-creators for one divine purpose on this plane. The power behind this movement is light and thunder beneath the dome (firmament). B-boy Original climbs to ascend with designs for this timeline and descend with ground breaking fire! that's Original.