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B-all Theory

On one side of the grid there's lava glowing up in the sky as dawn sets time, as dusk flares the end of the day time resets in reverse. We rejoice to praise as the day breaks bread to become a sound body and a fresh breath of air in life. The plane can not be measured or ordered as a governing force, that will cut off all air supply for life. By making supernatural moves in ultra sound (as water) we could uplift to B(Break) ALL as the airborne force.

The ball (B-All) does not travel from left to right, or up / down that's ridiculous, a ball travels in an angular momentum like an oval moves a boomerang causing an effect and the other side of the oval is fire! an opposite G force for it's return.  The natural flow could return as one with the third oval as orgone energy. In Break'n the atom is a spiritual concept. The atom is constantly moving in an opposite pull and push force on our flat earth plane, thus it can lift up, or pull down the pulse in a vibrational pattern. Orgone energy vibrations also accelerates positive waves of energy according to your environment and matter. B-all theory is ENERGY in space / time that travel's intentional as dual forces collide in harmony, so air won't get trapped in a cube that's stationary to a corner stoned. Up / down, side to side, are our 4  elements shared as part of our natural creation. Important! in a bio-dome we are 5 DIMENSIONAL innovators elevating density that's reshaping reality during the final hour for space travel taking flight.