Introducing B-BOY ORIGINAL®, the first brand of clothing designed specifically for the needs of Aborigines LIFE STYLE. Featuring Original hand-drawn graffiti art inspired by visual arts /comic illustrations and Hip Hoppas 12"-color scheme.
​The clothing line feature artists expressing the streets. Bringing back art and movement, identified with a B-boy State of mind in every design. The look is clean and fresh, with a nod of psychedelic experience. BBOY ORIGINAL® offers imagination as true reality, where sound becomes visual movement and colors are heard as an original . B.B.O. explores hyper space in design and give's the athlete a strong sense of identity with art and power moves. B-BOY ORIGINAL® is reinforcing this cutting edge self-awareness that been missing in Hip Hop culturally, by dissolving old cultural boundaries (products) of language, gender, class​, and race​, redefining our collective art form to empower intelligent dance, while giving off a true sense of unity with mankind and nature. Life is movement guided by the light with in, powering self awareness.